“Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord, Jesus Christ.  By whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God.”  – Romans 5:1-2.

“For God’s grace has brought us safe thus far and his grace will certainly lead us on.”

– John Newton

To God, a century is not a long time, for one day can mean a century, and one century could mean one day in God’s sight.

Realizing the spiritual needs of the what we call the Fordville Community, a group of deacons and ministers of the First Baptist Church of El Dorado began making plans to bring forth a more local house of worship for the thriving community.  Land was donated by the late Mr. Lee Ford, and a one-room log cabin was built to accommodate the Missionary Baptist and Primitive Baptist a place of worship.  It would allow the two congregations to alternate their worship services.  Services were first began in 1914, the Charter Members included; Lee Ford, Sarah Ford, Birdie Jackson, Sid Jackson, Corene Williams, Coundrie Williams, Mary Moore and Lou Ella Ford.  The Olive Branch Baptist originated into existence.


Since the origination of our church, ten ministers have served us.  They were Rev. T. Gates, Rev. J. W. Neal, Rev. W. M. Brewster, Rev. R. C. Wilchia, Rev. Latin, Rev. Goodwin, Rev. John Henry Rowe, Rev. Frank Townsend, Rev. Curlee Andrews, and our current pastor Rev. Eugene J. Farley Sr.


Under the leadership of Rev. Frank Townsend, a new sanctuary was erected. Under the leadership of Rev. Curlee Andrews, the Lord blessed our ministry in with different areas of Christian Education; a church bus and  another donation of land behind and along side of the church was given.


Under the leadership of our present pastor, Rev. Eugene Farley Sr., the church continued to experience spiritual reform.  Despite loosing our other edifice to a fire December 17, 2006, we recognized that our church was more than just a building, it was something instilled inside each and every member.


During our “Wilderness Experience”, as Pastor Farley called it, we continued to give praises unto God.  We were blessed to be housed at three different locations; Gusher Lodge, Greater Paradise Baptist Church and Trinity Baptist Church.  Plans were finalized on August 9, 2007 to rebuild, and the members also voted to change the name of the church to “New Olive Branch Missionary Baptist Church”.


On April 5, 2009, the Lord so graciously found in his infinite wisdom grace and mercy to allow us to move into our present edifice; for this we are grateful.  We are looking to God to carry us to higher heights and deeper depths.  We must resolve to make service for Christ the first objective in our live. God bless our leaders that traveled here before us, and may God continue to bless our church for another 98 years.