• Give Him Respect Due Him vs.29

  • God deserves our best / .Mal.1:6-14 (no sorry sacrifices, no convenient commitment.

  • We must be careful about wearisome worship, sad singing pitiful praise & being deceitful in our duty toward God!!

  • Give: When=first day of week, Who=everyone of you, How=take it out/put it up, How Much=as He has prospered I Cor. 16:2

    King David said “ I won’t sacrifice to the Lord of that which cost me nothing” 2 Sam 24:24

  • We must worship w/faith and trust –II King 4:1-7 “What she faith to believe she could receive”

  • Give your cares to Jesus (little becomes much when you place it in the Master’s hand- John 6:9-14)

  • The offering is the most sacred time of the worship service!! God isn’t raising money!!

  • God loved us so much…He gave us Jesus.

  • God could not “speak” or form our salvation, it had to be purchased with an Offering.

Service Notes: Giving the Best to God, 1 Chronicles 16:29